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Grinders, Pavers, Rollers, Seal Machines, Blades, Skip Loaders, Backhoes, Kick Brooms, Tack Rigs, CY Loaders, Tack Rigs, Hot Crack Filler Machines, Striping Machines, Berm Machines, 

Low Bed Service & Crew Rentals. 

GoldStar Asphalt’s Rental Division has a full line of top quality paving & sealing equipment for rent. We carry a full inventory of low-hour equipment to help you meet your production demands. In order to provide the best equipment rentals, we are consistently cycling in new equipment with the latest technology to replace older equipment. We strictly maintain a maintenance schedule for every piece of equipment, so you can have confidence that our rentals are ready to work. Certified technicians familiar with the equipment perform preventative maintenance as well as repairs. This ensures you’ll always get a rental you can depend on to get the job done.

GoldStar Asphalt’s Rental fleet is one of the strongest in the industry. Our equipment line includes everything from to Striping Machines to large pavers. When you need equipment, you want quality. You want service. And you want value for your money, each and every time you rent. That’s why GoldStar Asphalt’s Equipment Rental Division has been committed to providing quality service for over 20 years.