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Goldstar #341 Seal Coat Defender is a seal coat additive designed to enhance the performance of any manufacturer’s sealcoat product. Goldstar #341 Seal Coat Defender boosts seal coat’s resistance to water, gas and oil, while strengthening the bond between the seal coat and existing asphalt surface. This enhanced bond greatly reduces wet-track abrasion test results translating to reduced power steering marks, minimized rock shine and an overall extension of the life of your asphalt seal coat.

Seal Coat with Defender

Goldstar #341 Seal Coat Defender is the additive of choice with forward-thinking contractors and owners looking to increase seal coat durability and extend the life of their seal coat application in high traffic environments. The addition of Goldstar #341 Seal Coat Defender to your seal coat of choice is a sure way to save money by decreasing the frequency of future seal coat applications.